Numerology Basics

Are you curious about what life has planned for you? Do you ever feel as though you have a certain destiny? These questions can be answered through the study of numbers. Numerology is an ancient art that associates numerals with various events that happen to people in life.

It is a branch of astrology and is based on the numbers one through nine. The predictions made with these numbers correlate with the nine planets. It is possible to use this art to explore your persona and find what matters most to you in life. You can find out more about avoiding obstacles, and understanding yourself and those you love. Just a single number can divulge a great deal about a persons life.

Learn the Basics of Numerology

Types of Numerology

There are two kinds of numerology. One is based on the Pythagorean model and the other the Chaldean model. Some of the numbers studied include a Life Path number, a Psychic number, and a Destiny number. They are quite similar.

How to Calculate

The life path number is derived by adding up the digits in your birthdate. Always reduce any double digits to one by adding them until you have a single number. However, 11 is often used as one of the master numbers in this art and it comes with a good deal of power.

The psychic number relates to how a person looks at themselves. It is a trait that the person carries most with them and reflects what they want to do in life. It is derived by taking the numbers from your birthday as well. You can get your destiny number using your name. The Destiny number describes the work you must do in life.

Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number. When you find your single digit Life Path, Destiny or Psychic number you can read their meanings and get more clarity about your purpose, your goals and even the challenges you may face.

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How It Can Help

Numerology is also good for determining when to change careers, move or get married. You can use numerology to determine compatibility between yourself and another person. Compare the Life Path numbers to see how well you will get along and what problems you may need to work to resolve.

Parents of would-be children can predict when to have a child that will be compatible with them using this art and science. If they know the name they wish to give the child, they can help instill a destiny in their child’s life that will be auspicious.

Numbers are an exciting way to delve into character, purpose and motivations. They are also great for finding out where particular talents and skills lie. You can get professional readings by numerologists or you can do simple readings for yourself or someone you love.


There are many calculators available online which will help you use this interesting art in your everyday life. You may find that the results you get from a reading are astounding. Numbers have a unique way of being incredibly accurate.

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