Samsung Galaxy S9: What You Can Expect

Aside from the battery putting a slight kink in the Samsung Galaxy S9’s  A+ rating, the cleaner software and improvement on its predecessor still make it one of the best smartphones Samsung has ever produced. Having something to offer everyone, and leaving little to be desired, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a brilliant one-size-fits-all edition. Taking a closer look at some this smartphones impressive characteristics and stand-out features that make it so deserving of its benchmark status.

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What you can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S9



One of the finest pieces of smartphone craftsmanship around, the Samsung galaxy S9 has a gorgeous curved glass and aluminum frame, just dripping with style and sophistication. The Galaxy S9 is not far off the great design and in-hand feel the loyal users came to love from the Galaxy S8.

As a result of endless complaining from customers, Samsung has decided to re-locate the S8’s annoying fingerprint sensor, having it moved to just below the camera on the back of the S9. Although it easy easier to reach and more convenient, some may find that it is a little too close to the camera to avoid smudging the lens with your finger.

The same as last year, the IP68 water resistance rating is upheld in the Galaxy S9, including the ability to support wireless charging and NFC. Next to the camera are additional heart rate and blood pressure monitors that are useful for those who need them daily.


Running version 9.0 the Samsung Galaxy S9 feels like a place to call home in the Android feel of things, without retracting from the phones uniqueness. The Snapdragon 845 fitted inside is a perfect demonstration of a dominating performance, handling graphic-intense visuals without fail. This is largely thanks to the 4GB of RAM used to run this beautiful creation. The pressure-sensitive virtual home screen is available while the screen or the navigation buttons hidden, giving it a more natural feel. The app power monitor is an addition that can be used to great effect, proving insight into the power usage of your app’s, putting g them to sleep after 3-days of inactivity from your side.


Disappointingly the Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with only one camera at the back, a bit of a rarity in the realm of smartphones today. The additional dual apertures function and 12MP sensor do however add a little something extra. Switching between f/2.4 and f/1.5, the difference is there, although it may not be all that noticeable at times, the Galaxy S9  camera does handle different lighting situation rather effectively. The camera software has been simplified, changing the traditional grid of shooting mode options to an easier and quicker to access swipe between function. It also allows you to re-arrange the order of the shooting modes.

Daylight shots come alive with naturally looking images, boasting sharper details and a greater dynamic range. The 960fps slow motion video is one of the Samsung Galaxy S9’s coolest features, even though it is limited to 720p.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is nothing at all to brag about, housing the same 3,000mAh battery inside as the earlier Galaxy S8 did. Daily use of the S9, app’s and features included, while streaming a little music and connecting to Bluetooth, is going to give you around 2.5 to 3 hours of on-screen time. Depending on how you choose to use the S9 is going to play a role in how long your phone lasts in day. Naturally the more app you are running simultaneously, the quicker you are going to lose power. The Galaxy S9 is a relatively fast charger, taking only 11/2 hours to reach full capacity using the cable, while charging through the fast wireless charger will take about 2/12 hours.

The increases and improvements of the Samsung Galaxy S9 leave a more refined taste is the mouths of the consumers, not costing the proverbial arm and leg, but still reaching you packed full of technology and features. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has something for everyone, in a device that everyone is going to love.

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